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MisterHarold's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 7 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 85 Points

The Woods

Dani and Nora Unlocked 4/27/15
10 Points
Sisterly love is a precious thing.
Dani and Ren Unlocked 4/27/15
10 Points
Love in a dream?
Ren and Dino Unlocked 4/27/15
10 Points
Dinosaurs are kidnappers?
Ren and Squid Unlocked 4/27/15
10 Points
Can't eat them, can't get along with them.
Ren and Squid Story Unlocked 4/27/15
10 Points
Story time about Ren's woes.
Weed Killer Unlocked 4/27/15
10 Points
Nora the weed killer.
Dino Friends Unlocked 4/27/15
25 Points
Dinosaurs are friends.
You Made Nora Cry... 5 Points You meanie.
Cake Glare 10 Points What a mean look from something so sweet.
Cake Roam 10 Points Too few to be a stampede, though.
Cake Run 10 Points Run! Run! Run away!
Cake Stare 10 Points Staring not-so-sweetly at you.
Ren and Cake 10 Points Playing with food is not fun for Ren.
Cake Queen 25 Points Queen of the cakes!
Eaten 25 Points A snack for cakes, oops...
Fire 25 Points WHY
Tea and Cookies 25 Points A lovely snack for two.
Little Fears 50 Points Nora probably still won't like Ren.
Nap Time 50 Points Food coma in a dream?
Toilet 50 Points ...Ew.
What Even 50 Points This sort of thing goes over Nora's head...

Medals Earned: 7/21 (85/440 points)